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The emergence of HTML5 and CSS3 has created much speculation about its potential impact in the internet world, but what is the newest piece of technological advancements without its followers and critics? Ever since both technologies have poked their new-born heads into the coding-scene, bloggers have been debating non-stop with each other about what HTML5 and CSS3 can and cannot do, ranging from HTML5 not being able to out-perform Flash and CSS3 not being able to pass through the validator, a program that searches for errors in code, and it’s compatibility with other programs. Seeing as how these programs are still very new and might even be considered in an “experimental” phase, it would not be a smart move on any companies’ part to implement these new pieces of technology and the critics seem to hold the most valid argument at this time. Although HTML5 provides an alternative for the small percentage of programs who do not use Flash and the CSS3 program could provide for a simpler way to use code, they are still new and are too “experimental” to be sold to clients who could have problems with the programs being compatible with every-day technologies. In the future, companies’ could use HTML5 and CSS3 but in the meantime, it would not be a smart move business-wise. 



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