The term “multimedia” can stir up negative preconceptions by the general public because the word “media” is in it, but to me it brings up images of someone working in a radio station, sportscasting on ESPN, or anything else that has to do with communicating with the masses. I experienced a multimedia curriculum in high school so expecting a lot of hands on work with web developing or  Adobe Photoshop was just right. I’m glad I can finally enjoy web development, even if it is a shortened run-through. The only concept I am struggling with is remembering all the tags and what order they should be going in. As we get more intimate with web developing and we approach more advanced tags, it will be harder to memorize and organize all the code, which makes me glad there are people out there who get thrills out of making web pages because I can’t sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end haha don’t get me wrong, I enjoy web development and think it’s “cool” but it’s not something I would want to pursue. To everyone who spends their Friday nights fist-pumping because they just slapped a website with an awesome meta tag, I applaud what you do because I would not be able to do it.