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InDesign has been making a splash in the print world as well as the digital print, but can designers make the jump completely to digital print or will InDesign have a place among the ‘web’ programs of the Adobe Suite? No and yes. Making the jump completely to digital print would not be a smart move because there are still a lot of people in 2011, believe it or not, who do not own internet and would not be able to access digital print. There are endless social ramifications such as rendering people even more into digital-dependent beings. But that does not mean InDesign does not have a place in the web programs of the Adobe Suite. In fact, InDesign should be heavily considered for a spot because of its heavy usage nowadays in online print and design! Paper print will be  (or should be) around forever because of the fact that not everyone will have moved onto digital media for their news source or any roles paper print would normally play.